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How to decide which STEM degree is right for you?

If you’re a current A level student, everyone’s soon asking you what you want to study at university. Here are some suggestions for narrowing down your options: 1. Think about which of your current A level subjects you most enjoy, and rank them in a list. Looking at your favourite subjects, are there ways you […]

Help! I’ve just graduated and have no idea what to do!

Graduation is an exciting time, but not everyone has a clear idea of what to do next now that the structure of university life is gone. Some students are lucky enough to have bagged a graduate job already, often through previously completing an internship with a company, but what can you do if your life […]

I’m not ready for university! What are my options?

It’s that time of year when schools are encouraging students to finalise their degree plans, complete their UCAS form and commit to three or more years of studying one subject which to a certain extent will have a massive impact on the rest of your life. While some students have known since birth that they […]

How to include your STEM extracurricular experiences in your university application?

So, you’ve attended a STEM summer school, won a competition or written your own STEM blog? When it comes to applying to university, these are all fantastic things to mention in your personal statement. However, there are several important things to remember to include: – What you learnt. Too many personal statements just include a […]

How to chose your UK university

Whether you’re an international student with no knowledge of the UK university system or a home student simply looking for additional guidance, this article suggests some questions to ask when choosing which UK universities to apply to for undergraduate studies. 1. Do they offer the course I want to study? UCAS has a good search […]

What additional skills do STEM students need?

STEM degrees are generally highly respected, but for those STEM students looking to go into industry rather than academic research what additional skills would be helpful? Languages Languages are helpful to anyone, of any age or career. They open up job or travel opportunities abroad as well as making you a valuable asset to any […]

10 STEM subjects they don’t teach in school!

The standard school curriculum will include physics, chemistry, biology, maths and IT. However there are plenty of other related degree subjects STEM students may be interested in, see below. 1. Engineering If you’re interested in physics and maths, but want to contribute towards real-life projects, engineering could be for you. Engineering degrees may be general […]

A quick guide to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are courses offered online for anyone to take, usually for free. The courses generally consist of short video lectures followed by short quiz questions, and are usually produced in collaboration with leading universities worldwide. All kinds of subjects are available to study – including most STEM subjects.   There are […]

What can schools do to help students explore their interests in STEM subjects?

School is probably the first place where students first learnt about STEM subjects and, unless their parents are working in a STEM industry, it is likely that they haven’t been exposed to much STEM outside of school. Therefore, school is a great place to start getting students engaged in STEM subjects. Here are a few […]

What can I do in the first summer of my degree?

There are often limited internship opportunities for first year students, so what else can you do with your long summer holiday to help you in your STEM career? Some suggestions are listed below, and don’t forget to check out the database! This advice is also valid for students in later years who aren’t planning on […]

Do I need to spend a fortune?

If you search online for STEM opportunities, particularly for summer schools, you may find that many cost several thousands of pounds and are run by profit making organisations – but don’t fear, you don’t need to start taking out loans to pay for such courses. Is it really necessary? All these courses claim to be […]

When should I start planning for university?

Well, the easy answer is that’s it’s never too early! The recommendations below are based upon the UK GCSE and A level system. Early Secondary School At this stage, students have no or very little choice in what subjects they study. However, it is still a great time to start exploring what you are interested […]