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European Space Camp 2013

I was one of 24 students from across the world selected to attend the week-long European Space Camp 2013 at the Andoya Rocket Range in Norway, and one of just 2 who were awarded full scholarships from the European Space Agency. It was an absolutely fantastic week, during which we took part in a wide […]

Southampton University A level Science and Art Competition

The Southampton University A level Science and Art Competition challenged entrants to write a short essay about current research carried out by the university’s physics department and/ or create a related piece of artwork. I chose to write and paint about their Astrophysics research, since this was an area that particularly interested me. Since the […]

Headstart Summer School: Natural Sciences at the University of East Anglia

I was very lucky to attend a Headstart General Science course at the University of East Anglia. It was a great experience – not only did I get to meet many new people as enthusiastic about science as me, but I also experienced studying science at a top university with much better equipment and facilities […]

Cambridge Physiology Masterclass

I attended a Physiology masterclass at Cambridge in year 12, and really enjoyed it. We attended a couple of lectures, which explored topics such as nerve signal transmission beyond the A level syllabus, and it was great to have the opportunity to get some advice on applying to Cambridge. The lecturers were very good at […]

University of London Taster Day

I attended a taster day on Medical Engineering at QMUL in 2012. It was very interesting and useful – we first had a lecture on what Medical Engineers do and the structure of the course at QMUL, followed by several workshops, including one on redesigning mobility aids and another more hands-on session on building an […]