The Online Application Form

Awesome Math: USA Summer Maths Camp

The Online Application Form

The application process will require a fair amount of preparation and time, so don’t leave it until the last minute!

The first stage is to register for an account with Awesome Math. This gives you access to the online application form, in which you submit your contact details, confirm your eligibility and briefly describe your interest in the program.

If you are aged under 14, a parent or guardian must write a statement supporting your application. This is optional for older students.

Next, you must obtain two recommendation letters – one from a maths teacher/ tutor/ mentor and a personal recommendation – usually from a family friend, sports coach or mentor.

The Admissions Test

The Awesome Math summer program is highly competitive, and so the admissions test is an important admissions factor. This test consists of a series of complex mathematical problems, similar in style to olympiad questions – and very different from the standard textbook questions you may have focused on at school. They provide a sample admissions test to help you prepare, and we would also recommend using Maths Olympiad papers for further practice.

The pdf file of the admissions test will only be made available on certain dates throughout the application period, giving you around three weeks to complete. You then have to email your solutions to Don’t wait until the admissions test is released though – start your preparation today!