Analysing and Discussing your Results

Bath Bomb Project

Plotting Graphs

If you have numerical data, the first step in analysing your results is to plot a graph. On the x axis, plot the independent variable (what you varied). On the y axis, plot the dependent variable (what you measured). Carefully plot your data points on the graph. Can you draw a trendline?

Identifying Trends

Looking at your graph, you should be able to observe a trend in your results – this is most easily illustrated by drawing a trendline (also known as a line-of-best-fit). As you increase the independent variable (what you changed), how does the dependent variable (what you measured) change? Were there any unusual results which didn’t fit the trend (anomalies)?

Discussing the Science

Once you have analysed any trends in the data, you can now think about why those trends are observed. Remind yourself of the science of bath bombs – can you use this scientific knowledge to explain what you observed? If you actually observed something which appears to disagree with the science, can you think of a reason? You may have discovered some new science!