Other Competitions and Awards

Bath Bomb Project

If you don’t want to enter the Scrub up on Science Competition, but still want to win some awesome prizes or certificates, you could also enter your Bath Bomb Project for several other competitions and awards.

British Science Association CREST Awards

Managed by the British Science Association, CREST Awards recognise independent projects carried out by young scientists. There are a variety of award levels, depending on the time required and challenge level of the project, but we would recommend that this Bath Bomb Project would meet the requirements for a Bronze CREST Award, if written up and presented well. More information is available on their website.

National Science and Engineering Competition

The National Science and Engineering Competition is a fantastic opportunity to enter your independent research project for a major competition. Open to UK students aged 11-19 in full time education, the competition accepts both individual and team entries. You can either enter online or register to attend their frequent Big Bang Fairs held across the country. Full details are available on their website.