Write-up Options

Bath Bomb Project

There are a variety of options available for writing up your project – including a formal project report, powerpoint presentation or poster presentation. If you’re keen to enter one of the competitions associated with this project, don’t forget to check out what format they require!

Scientific Report

You may have written up practical reports in your science classes at school, and writing a formal scientific report is very similar. Essentially, it is a short document explaining what you did and what you discovered. The key sections of a scientific report are:

  • Introduction – some background scientific theory about bath bombs
  • Hypothesis – your prediction
  • Method – what you did
  • Results – a table or graph summarising your results
  • Analysis and Discussion – what general trends did you observe? Were there any unusual results (anomalies)? Can you use your scientific knowledge to explain the trends observed?
  • Conclusion and Evaluation – did your observations fit your original hypothesis? If you were to repeat this experiment again what would you do differently? Are there any additional experiments you could do to further explore the science of bath bombs?

Powerpoint Presentation

Rather than writing a formal report, you may prefer to produce a powerpoint presentation. This is often more fun, with simple bullet points and pictures to illustrate your experiment. The key is to plan an accompanying speech explaining the details, with the minimum possible written on the slides as too much text may distract the audience.

You can structure your powerpoint presentation in anyway you like – for example describing the story of your project or using the same categories as used for a formal report.

Why not talk to your teacher to ask about presenting your powerpoint to your class? This is a great way to share your project results with other students and improve your presentation skills!


You may be surprised to find that real-life scientists frequently present their research using posters! This is because posters are a much more visual and interesting method to display your results. They combine the best of scientific reports and powerpoint presentations – giving a bit more written detail while using big pictures and graphs to clearly illustrate your key points.