How to Apply

UEA Year 9 Summer School

Complete the Online Application Form

Applications must be made through the official University of East Anglia website – you cannot apply directly through STEM Boost.

The application form requires basic information about you in order to check your eligibility. Additionally, they require the name and email of one of your teachers who can provide a reference for you – make sure you talk to your teacher first to check they are able to provide a reference. They also want to know what subjects interest you and what you enjoy doing. Finally, your parent or guardian must give their consent before you submit your application.

Application Tips

Although most of the application form just asks for basic information about you, there is one section requiring some extra thought – the question asking you to detail your favourite subject or something you enjoy doing. STEM Boost has the following advice:

  • Pick a school subject or related hobby – but not “watching TV”, “playing computer games”, etc. as this can come across negatively
  • Talk about why you like it – for example, can it be applied to real-world problems?
  • Mention specific examples of where you have explored this subject/ hobby in your spare time – this shows that you are really passionate about it and have initiative
  • Don’t worry if you think your chosen subject/ hobby could be considered “nerdy” or “boring” by other students – if it’s something you’re genuinely interested in then go for it!