Making a Plan

Bath Bomb Project

Make a written record of the independent, control and dependent variables as well as your hypothesis. Now you need to plan:

  • Number of bath bombs to make (we recommend at least three different ones to enable you to observe any trends)
  • Modified recipe to use for each bath bomb (including exact amounts of each ingredient)
  • How will you measure the dependent variable (can you measure or assign an exact number? Is a human judgement required?)
  • Do you need any additional equipment (e.g. a stopwatch)
  • How will you record your results (e.g. in a table – what will the headings be?)

Bear in mind that you may not want to have five baths in one day – instead consider doing your actual experiments in a large washing up bowl or similar, keeping some bath bombs aside of course to enjoy other evenings!

Don’t forget to write down your plan and discuss it with a responsible adult.