Guest Blog: Arkwright Scholarship

The Arkwright Scholarships Trust awarded me an engineering scholarship at the end of my fourth year of secondary school (in Scotland, equivalent to year 11 in England and Wales, and year 12 in Northern Ireland) after I made an application around Christmas time. The selection process involved first being nominated by my school (which involved […]

What can schools do to help students explore their interests in STEM subjects?

School is probably the first place where students first learnt about STEM subjects and, unless their parents are working in a STEM industry, it is likely that they haven’t been exposed to much STEM outside of school. Therefore, school is a great place to start getting students engaged in STEM subjects. Here are a few […]

What can I do in the first summer of my degree?

There are often limited internship opportunities for first year students, so what else can you do with your long summer holiday to help you in your STEM career? Some suggestions are listed below, and don’t forget to check out the database! This advice is also valid for students in later years who aren’t planning on […]

Do I need to spend a fortune?

If you search online for STEM opportunities, particularly for summer schools, you may find that many cost several thousands of pounds and are run by profit making organisations – but don’t fear, you don’t need to start taking out loans to pay for such courses. Is it really necessary? All these courses claim to be […]

When should I start planning for university?

Well, the easy answer is that’s it’s never too early! The recommendations below are based upon the UK GCSE and A level system. Early Secondary School At this stage, students have no or very little choice in what subjects they study. However, it is still a great time to start exploring what you are interested […]

Easy ways to explore your passion for STEM from home!

Do you want to explore your passion for a STEM subject or find a way to demonstrate it on your university application, but don’t want to spend too much time, effort or money? Here’s some easy ways to do so cheaply at home! Online MOOCs MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are available online from a […]