What do we do?

STEM Boost provides a variety of free and paid STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) resources, projects, competitions, insight days, summer camps and more - designed to inspire the next generation

Resources, Projects and Competitions

We have developed numerous fun project ideas to develop your child's scientific curiosity. Often developed in collaboration with partner organisations, some projects can lead to additional awards and competitions.

Summer Camps and Insight Days

We recommend a variety of STEM summer camps and insight days (including many free opportunities) hosted by partner organisations. There are opportunities for all children and age groups.

Advice and Mentoring

We provide general and personalised advice on inspiring and developing your child's STEM potential and improving their university applications. Read our free articles or contact us for a private consultation.

Success Stories

We have over five years of experience advising, tutoring and mentoring students


International Student

After finding out about the free summer camp on STEM Boost, Zareen successfully applied to the European Space Camp. She described the week as "life-changing" and couldn't wait to apply for more opportunities.



Gap Year Student

Angie needed some advice on how to explore her passion for Chemistry outside of class. We recommended extra reading and entering a scientific communication competition, providing personalised advice on academic writing skills.



Cambridge Undergraduate

After participating in the Cambridge Senior Physics Challenge, Tim was inspired to attend another summer school the following summer and successfully applied to study Natural Sciences at university.

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We always love to hear from you - whether it's to recommend an external opportunity, give your feedback on our site or enquire about personalised STEM support. Simply email us using the contact us box.

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