University of London Taster Days

The University of London organises a huge range of year 12 taster days in almost every subject at various universities across London. They are great opportunities to spend a day experiencing university life – you will generally attend some talks, example lectures, a lab session, and have the chance to explore the university too. Taster […]

What additional skills do STEM students need?

STEM degrees are generally highly respected, but for those STEM students looking to go into industry rather than academic research what additional skills would be helpful? Languages Languages are helpful to anyone, of any age or career. They open up job or travel opportunities abroad as well as making you a valuable asset to any […]

10 STEM subjects they don’t teach in school!

The standard school curriculum will include physics, chemistry, biology, maths and IT. However there are plenty of other related degree subjects STEM students may be interested in, see below. 1. Engineering If you’re interested in physics and maths, but want to contribute towards real-life projects, engineering could be for you. Engineering degrees may be general […]

A quick guide to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are courses offered online for anyone to take, usually for free. The courses generally consist of short video lectures followed by short quiz questions, and are usually produced in collaboration with leading universities worldwide. All kinds of subjects are available to study – including most STEM subjects.   There are […]