Guest Blog: Cambridge Senior Physics Challenge

Tim took part in the University of Cambridge Senior Physics Challenge in the summer of 2013, here is a summary of his experience: Every young person interested in physics has probably heard of quantum mechanics from popular science books or online articles. A strange idea with fascinating conclusions, but where do such conclusions come from? […]

British Science Festival 2013 – Day 6

The last day of the British Science Festival 2013 was absolutely fantastic! My day began with an interesting talk by several local companies about ‘Chemical Innovation in the North East’. This included separate presentations by several leading researchers and companies about their work. First up was Dr. Victoria Frank from International Paint Ltd, who discussed […]

British Science Festival 2013 – Day 5

It’s nearing the end of my time at the British Science festival, but I’m still having an amazing time! I began with a particularly good talk on monitoring the economic and scientific ripples of landslides – presented by experts Helen Reeves and Mark Winter. They discussed how research has linked the incidence of landslides with […]

British Science Festival 2013 – Day 4

I’ve had yet another amazing day at the British Science Festival! First up was an interesting talk on Science and Cosmetics, which mainly focussed on skin creams, how they are advertised, the scientific evidence claims are based on, and the potential damaging effects they could have on the skin. I was particularly interested in the […]

British Science Festival 2013 – Day 3

Today began with a fascinating lecture entitled ‘Making Waves: Energy and Society’ which discussed a huge range of issues related to our use of energy. The focus was very much on the ‘Energy Trilemma’ – reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using resources efficiently and making energy accessible to all. Interesting examples mentioned included the Kazakhstan blackouts and […]

British Science Festival 2013 – Day 2

I’ve had a pretty incredible day today at the British Science Festival 2013 in Newcastle! The first talk I attended was called ‘The Randomness Show’ which was all about the incredible way maths can show us order and logic in what appears to be random, unpredictable events. However, it was not the standard dry lecture, […]

British Science Festival 2013 – Day 1

Having spent 12 hours on a bus, I was pretty exhausted before the festival had even begun! My first day began with volunteering on the British Science Association stand – trying to engage younger science enthusiasts with fun science games and tricks, such as the levitating static electricity wand, air-bazooka-ing a pyramid of plastic cups, […]