Tim took part in the University of Cambridge Senior Physics Challenge in the summer of 2013, here is a summary of his experience:

Every young person interested in physics has probably heard of quantum mechanics from popular science books or online articles. A strange idea with fascinating conclusions, but where do such conclusions come from? The Senior Physics Challenge is a great opportunity to glimpse into the theoretical foundation of quantum mechanics which is hard to learn anywhere outside of a university lecture course and it is definitely safe to say (in my case, at least) that your appreciation for the quantum world grows in proportion to your understanding of it’s mathematical framework.

The week is hard work – some of the content is lifted from the actual undergraduate quantum course – but is definitely worth it for the moments where you derive the Bohr Radius, manipulate the Schrödinger Equation, and enter ‘classically forbidden regions’. At no cost you’ll take part in evening social activities, and get to live within a Cambridge college for the week with other AS students who you’ll no doubt make good friends with.If you’re an eager future physicist, curious about the most counter-intuitive theory of our age, then you should apply!
Tim, Participant 2013


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