In the summer following my second year at university, I completed an engineering internship at Rolls-Royce in their Civil Large Engines business area. I was offered this internship following participation in the Female Undergraduate of the Year Awards, for which I was a finalist.

The internship was a fantastic opportunity to find out about a completely different potential career for me. It enabled me to use my science knowledge and general business skills in an engineering environment, and during the placement I was given a huge amount of responsibility in carrying out critical tasks. Since I am not an engineering undergraduate, my internship different somewhat from most other intern’s experiences – rather than working on a more technical project I was given a few smaller science related projects and more business-orientated tasks such as logistics and project management.

Overall, I would highly recommend anyone considering doing an internship to do so – it is a great opportunity to find out about potential careers, get that vital work experience on your CV, and potentially end the summer with a job offer. Rolls-Royce were a fantastic company to work for since I was able to visit many different departments, work on a variety of interesting projects, and take on real responsibilities.
Kate Prescott


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